Win Tickets to the Detour Fest!

detourfest.JPGSo, yay! We’ve got five pairs ‘o tickets to give away, for this weekend’s Detour Festival, held in lovely picturesque Downtown LA, at Main between 2nd and Temple. For more info check out their website.

Want a pair? Cutter & I put our heads together to formulate this imposing trio of questions. Here is your assignment, should you choose to accept it (you must answer all three correctly):

1. The last time SebastiAn played at the Los Angeles Sports Arena it was with what electronic music “robot” duo?

2. Which kickass DJ on the lineup actually used to be a contributor?

3. To illustrate the subjective nature of justice (specifically, action free from consequence) what philosopher told the tale of Gyges in the ancient Greek dialogue Republic? We are not shitting you.

Email your answers to [email protected] and maybe we’ll pick you. Cutter also tells me that we’ll smile favorably upon those who send in a video of themselves interpretive-dancing to Madonna’s “Frozen.” He promises to review all those himself. Send ’em on in!*

Blogged to Juno’s cover of DJ Shadow’s’ “High Noon,” from their split with the D-Plan.

*Please don’t.