To Live and Work on the 101

Universal Lofts. Live/Work. Polished concrete floors. Stainless steel appliances. Functional. Raw. Uninviting.

Admit it. You want one.

You want cold floors. Exposed cinder block walls. Windows that serve no purpose. You want to live so close to the 101 that you can deliver Otter Pops to idle commuters on a warm California afternoon. You want to see the Hills as you peer through the blanket of brown that envelops the city.

You long for the day when you can wait in line to turn off Cahuenga into your own private Idaho. Or Detroit. You want to park your car right in front of your desk so you can watch porn and run right out for cookies.

Universal Lofts. Live/Work. You want one. Your chance to see a model up close is October 6 & 7. So functional. So convenient. So affordable, starting in the $900s.

Go. Balance your checkbook.

8 thoughts on “To Live and Work on the 101”

  1. Quote from the site:

    “Your dreams can become your reality at Universal Lofts”

    So do Ricardo Montalban and Tattoo live there or do they just give the tours?

  2. From the site: “You are unique. You see things from a different perspective. And you dare to dream lofty dreams.”

    Can you hear me sighing over here?

  3. “You want cold floors. Exposed cinder block walls. Windows that serve no purpose”

    Wow….sounds like my old college dorm room in College Inn at UNT….

  4. good lord, the stock photos from their site are just sad.
    “Hey guys, I got an Idear. Lets put a generic photo of a woman talking on the phone at the top of our page! Sure, it has nothing to do with our product… but what the hey! Our website needs chicks right?”

  5. @Eric: ohhh, THAT’s what these remind me of!

    I don’t have a problem with clean, modern design, or deliberate austerity, or, uh, dorm-room chic. Whatever they’re going for. These would be so awesome if they were supposed to be a plan for affordable housing. But $900,000? WTF? Your office is your GARAGE, who’s gonna pay a premium for that?

    Although, I haven’t lived in LA for a while. *IS* that supposed to be a bargain?

  6. $900,000?? I thought that meant $900/month — which I might actually pay. Even though $900 is probably how much it will cost to have the car exhaust soot washed off the furniture and surfaces every few days.

  7. “Windows that serve no purpose.”
    Please. Any good thief knows that those windows are perfect for driving a new car through. The pinewood desk top and lowly shrubbery would be the tricky part.

  8. Those are way cheaper than the ones at melrose and highland which STARTED at $1.5M. You can get a house in the same area for half the price. (I literally looked at one a block away for $800K.)

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