Norwegian Rockers Bigbang at the Viper Room

bigbang.jpgNo, no ticket giveaways for this one (btw, you still have a chance to win Detour Fest tix at my post below–we’ve only had one right answer so far). But I wanted to give a nod to Norwegian dudes Bigbang, who make a return to LA this Thursday at the Viper Room. In Norway these dudes play to stadiums and they’re considered by many to be the nation’s best live band, with several #1 albums and an opening gig for The Raconteurs…so seeing them in a small venue is effing amazing. It’s always a pleasure when a rock’n’roll band can really seize a small room. I’ve seen these guys return to LA repeatedly, even though they have oodles of cred and plenty of acclaim in their homeland. I think it’s really amazing that even with all that, they come ~here~ to “make it.” And I think they should.

Some press:
“They seem to have perfected melding Allman Brothers-like harmonies, the hum-along quality of a really good Tom Petty, and the guitar outbursts of a J. Mascis moment.” — Evan George, LA Alternative [I will always respect this guy’s opinion, he’s an amazing cook, musician & journalist]

“Led by singer-guitarist Oystein Greni, Bigbang lit the power-pop chime and songwriting of Big Star and late-Eighties R.E.M with the power blues dynamics of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble.” –Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke

“Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with Balls.” –The Sun (U.K)

Anyone got any other bands they love who’ve come here from far away?