Neighborhood Festival last weekend..

Did you go to the Neighborhood Festival over the weekend? Oh wait, let me rephrase that, are you a hipster in an all-over print hoody, oversized sunglasses and probably some sort of annoying leggings who enjoys hanging out in a dirty lot downtown? Oh, well, I was there for a second too, but don’t tell anyone. And by a second I mean, like 10 minutes. (No, really, only like 10 minutes.) Who organized that festival? Am I the only one who thought it was way less than? I heard at least one band was so fed up with the unprofessionalism that they just bounced out of there without playing. I went to go see Chromeo but missed almost the entire show because of long lines to get my ticket. Super Lame. Anyone else love it/hate it/care to share their stories?

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Festival last weekend..”

  1. it was put on by dim mak/steve aoki and that whole crew…which is exactly why i didn’t go.

  2. Actually the event was sponsored by Dim Mak…the actual Promoter was the guy who threw the Audiotistic parties a couple of years back. I didn’t make it to neighborhoods, though my friends did say the dirt field kind of sucked…I instead decided to go to the clusterfuck known as Nocturnal Wonderland to check out Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers were awesome, and so was LTJ Bukem and DJ Hype…however there were way too many people there, not enough room, and too many kids ODing…I must have seen at least 5 being dragged out, with one collapsing right on me…

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