Local bloggers get “Wired”

The folks behind WIRED magazine and the network that brought you Sesame Street and the Electric Company are teaming up on “Wired Science”, debuting tonight on PBS.

Each week, WIRED Science correspondents take viewers to the frontiers of discovery across the country and around the world, spotlighting the cutting-edge innovations and research that are defining 21st-century culture, and introducing the high-tech mavericks who are making it happen.

Surprisingly, unlike many of PBS science based shows that are made out by WGBH, their Boston station, the studio for “Wired Science” is on Sunset at KCET. Adding to the local mix, two of LA’s finest bloggers have also joined the mix:

Jacob Soboroff, L.A. Observed’s vlog guy, has a segment airing on the October 17th episode about the science of baseball.

And Clifford V. Johnson, a USC science professor and blogger at Asymptotia, has joined the “Wired Science” blog called “Correlations”. Clifford explains:

Correlations is a new group science blog, with bloggers of a range of interests. It will be connected to the show in many ways, but will expand well beyond the show into aspects of science and technology of all sorts, according to the tastes of the bloggers involved.