It Caught My Eye: When Fish Go Bad, Wear Lipstick

Part of an ongoing series of things of interest I find biking to or from work between Silver Lake and Westchester.

Spotted on The Ballona Creek Bike Path between Duquesne and Overaland, I did a double take first because I thought it quaint that the tagist would complete his or her work with an ¬Æ symbol and second because I asked myself while passing it, “Is that fish smoking?”

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4 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: When Fish Go Bad, Wear Lipstick”

  1. Love it. Of the things that float down to the sea after a good storm that was among the better choices for the fish.

  2. A cigarette? I thought it were a diver’s leg and finned foot. Maybe the “artist” is just a lousy illustrator.
    In any case, the lipstick is a nice touch.

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