Can we make the Bicycle District official? kthxbai


This proposal for the Los Angeles Bicycle District is an amazing idea and something the city should get behind. In the same way that Gallery Row has helped bring attention to the downtown arts district and encouraged the culture to thrive, an official, city sanction Bicycle District could help promote the idea that LA is more bike friendly than a lot of people think, at the same time fostering the community that already exists. Anyone who has spent any time on Heliotrope at Melrose already knows that’s pretty much the bike culture epicenter of LA, and making it more official would only help it grow. I know that lots of City Council folks are reading this, what do you say?

58 thoughts on “Can we make the Bicycle District official? kthxbai”

  1. “We’re just diverse working-class people, many new to the USA, trying to get by”. Great how about joining the rest of that love the city and be a part of it instead of seeking a seperate id?
    We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  2. I agree with Frazgo, because he has a ‘z’ in his name and I’m pretty sick of the various hos in Hollywood.

    East Hollywood is LA. Get over it. You want to live in Hollywood, that’s fab you get off of about two hundred more dollars rent and move a few blocks west and their is your Hollywood address.

    Koreatown makes sense, because it organically formed as a place where there are alot of Korean-Americans, Thaitown same thing…there are other towns which I will not name, not so organic.

    (We all know what I’m talking about.)

    I’d pretty much buy the bicycleland, before I’d buy the concept of East Hollywood. And I’m sorry I’m never calling South Central, South LA and I’m never calling that part of LA, East Hollywood. It’s just LA and LA is a cool place.

    Only the 818 has a righteous grievance to the whole “we’re giving out community a name” insanity that is spreading like a bad case of mono in a coed summer camp.


  3. Elson: Sad that people don’t understand the concept of community and feel that certain neighborhoods don’t have the right to identify themselves. The Militant believes you have every right to a community identity, and would be glad to sign that East Hollywood designation petition (uh, assuming he lives or works there, that is). Don’t let those outsiders stop you, they only want to see your neighborhood (and you) fail. Hating is so easy to do. Always remember that there are people out there who wish to simply take from communities, while you are one who contributes. You already know by now which one of those is harder to do. You have the Militant’s support. VIVA EAST HOLLYWOOD!

  4. Sean lives in Silver Lake!?

    Hipster Shield Engaged!

    East Hollywood is an amazing community. You should ask Eric Garcetti… he loves East Hollywood.

  5. East Hollywood IS a recognized neighborhood council in the City of Los Angeles the last time I checked, my young padawans. From personal experience most people do not understand the beauty that is diversity which is something East Hollywood has very much of and the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council seems to celebrate their diversity, energy and exuberance, something other neighborhoods like Silver Lake don’t have.

    Browne and Frazgo… I find your lack of vision and understanding disturbing.

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