Beverly Hills Fire Dept’s Finest

P1010161 Yesterday, one of my co-workers came back to my department to tell us that there was a car fire at the Pavilions across the street. We all immediately raced over to windows facing the event. Yep, that was a car fire all right. Smoke was billowing out of the garage, and there were TWO fire engines, plus a couple police vehicles, parked outside.

I went over to investigate – and counted three policemen and six firemen on the scene. All of them were gathered around one midsize American car, a Chevy Cirrus. The car was a mess: the hood was warped and blackened, and the driver’s side window was smashed open to unlock it. [photos on flickr set] The assistant manager of the store was trying to find the car’s owner, who had left the building. She finally appeared: a small, white-haired old woman in her eighties, confused as to how this had happened. The store manager told me, as I left, that she had had the car fixed the day before, and now it had combusted. I was extremely saddened to hear that – and I left the police and Pavilions’ representatives to handle the car fire victim. Hopefully, she will be able to sue the repair shop – if they are responsible.

Anyways, the point of all this is – how many Beverly Hills firemen does it take to extinguish a small car fire? The answer is about six. Apparently, it was the most exciting thing to happen for the BHFD all year.

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  1. Wow, poor thing. If she has comprehensive insurance on the car she can more easily get the car taken care of through them. They can go after the auto repair guy through subrogation. A lot easier and cheaper for her to go that route.

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