Bathroom Alfresco in Culver City

Yesterday there was a water main problem on Venice Blvd in/around Culver City. When I arrived at work we were told the water pressure was low, therefore the giant air conditioners were to be turned off, therefore the giant computer room had to be shut down, therefore most people could leave for a few hours while the problem was solved. As promised, a few hours later Culver City said A-ok and the air conditioner could be turned on and the computers booted back up and the droids could return to work. My computer (a laptop) was not affected so I stayed and worked, along with many others.

Of course that meant the bathrooms were not working as they should with such low water pressure. How does a large company (approx. 1200 people) handle this? Follow me after the jump…


This was the view from my third floor office window.

I chose to be a rule breaker and use the actual restrooms. The water pressure was low, not gone. I prefer not to use a porta-potty whenever I can help it.

(He did wash his hands afteward, I watched.)

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  1. Several years ago when I was a cube dweller we had a situation where it was reported a gunman was in the building. I was on the 10th floor. It was very surreal being in a building in lock down mode where we couldn’t leave our offices until swat showed up to escort us out. (No gunman found once the building was cleared).

    About 2 hours into the lock down people started to need their potty breaks. Since we couldn’t get out to the bathrooms people resorted to their trash cans.

    So a porta-potty looks pretty good doesn’t it?

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