Skullphone sighting in Philly last week, I went east for a family get-together, and spent a couple of days in Philadelphia in the process. Friday after a visit to the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall, my boyfriend and I were walking off the obligatory (and dee-licious) cheesesteak by browsing antiques we could not afford, and we ran across this fine piece of street art. What does that have to do with LA? Well, those of you who make it a habit to hang out on may remember Lucinda Michele’s post last month that featured the same image painted on the side of an abandoned gas station at Eads and Riverside.
Interestingly enough, shortly after that post, my bf was asking about the skullphone images around town (because I am so brain-dead I didn’t put two and two together but he tracked down Spazmat aka Skullphone and ended up buying a print. Then a few days later we find ourselves in Philly and there he is again. It just made me happy, that’s all. I like the guy.

Pix courtesy of Ken Justice. Click to embiggen ’em.

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