Over the line!


One of my favorite flickr folks, Waltarrrrr has been documenting the Gold Line crossing at Mission Blvd. in South Pasadena where cars regularly drive past the STOP HERE right up into the KEEP CLEAR section, often to the point where the trains can’t even pass until the car moves. Check out this photoset and marvel at the complete stupidity of these folks behind the wheel.

4 thoughts on “Over the line!”

  1. How funny. It’s a common practice and problem all over LA, no one takes rail crossings seriously.

    What…now we can do an “limit line tard” set? That should get our favorite parking trolls going. I love it.

  2. I was just in SF for the weekend and those fuckers drive like maniacs around the Muni streetcars. I was often in fear of hitting them while riding the line and losing a good chunk of my day because I’d be stuck in a crashed trolley.

  3. Weird. Any idea why the intersection is set up so strangely? Most crossing gates are much closer to and parallel to the tracks. While it’s clearly wrong, it’s not entirely surprising that drivers would be confused by such a nonstandard crossing.

    I’m guessing it’s also the nonstandard design that leads to cars in the way of the train. They probably have no room to backup and have to get out of the way of the arm and pull forward to do so.

    The city really should fix that.

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