Attack Of The Tow Trucks: Fall 2007

little-tikes-tough-tikes-tow-truck.jpg A couple years ago, Koga posted about about bad tow truck drivers in the L.A. area. He also followed up with an update on the article, which included great tips for fighting a corrupt tow truck.

However, two years later, the madness hasn’t ended. The Consumerist posted today about a tow truck investigation that KNBC conducted in Southern California. This time, it’s about tow truck drivers that have “spotters” watching lots with towing policies. These goons wait for you to leave the lot, and then they call the trucks. Then the tow truck company demands a cash ransom. Only with the receipt from the store in the lot, could you possibly hope to get your car back without extortion.

The expose also says that the tow trucks can show up in as little as 15 mins. I’m going to be way more careful about leaving my car in the Ralph’s lot at 3rd & LaBrea when I go to Trader Joe’s across the street.

5 thoughts on “Attack Of The Tow Trucks: Fall 2007”

  1. Parking is everyones bug-a-boo. I understand the private lot owners wanting to save the spots for just their customers. What I do is make a purchase really quick from the store in question, greeting card? Anyway leave the bag with a bit of the receipt on the dash while I do my other errands. Of course I am careful not to occupy prime spots by the entrance which would draw the towers attention. That’s how I managed close parking for the dragon boat races in July. Not really cheating the lot owner since they did have a customer make a purchase.

  2. You can always make a purchase/get a receipt after the fact if you come back and find your car missing.

  3. A lot of signs say parking while at those particular businesses only. Which, if you break it apart, means you can’t shop across the street while parked in their lots. But most businesses don’t care, it’s the property owner that has those rules, and it’s probably them doing the spotting.

    It doesn’t make it legal for these companies to tow though, and what they are doing should be against the law. We regulate taxi rates and taxi business practice, why not tow truck companies?

  4. Try parking anywhere near CSUN to go to classes without getting towed. They are rabid because the students should HAVE to pay for parking, apparently.

    I found a no-charge lot that they don’t watch, though, and I’m not telling which one it is ;)

  5. The consumerist story is actually based on the same *two year old* investigation… nothing new.

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