Trash can Magritte never mind seeing these guys leave their trash cans out long after trash day.

No idea who the artist is, nor the subject, nor even why he’s dreaming of donkey. Just a little grin to be enjoyed, a little makeshift street art that sort of puts the lie to the whole if- it’s- not- permitted- it’s- vandalism thrash.

Spotted in Silver Lake.

6 thoughts on “Trash can Magritte”

  1. Brilliant — and I am IN — watch for my trash cans in Los Feliz (out on Thursday evening/pu on Fri). Just wish I had thought of it myself. OK, then: the Mondrian trash can, the Calder trash can? The Diego Rivera trash can! and the Surrealist fur-covered trash can. Would they pick up the Reubens trash can? Fun for all!
    …and, yeah, I LOVE Blogging LA!

  2. Either he’s thinking of some random Democrat (doubt it, that’d be dull) or most likely about something or someone that is just stupid. A Brazilian friend uses the term “donkey” for anything that’d be lame, stupid, or dumb. And trash is kinda lame, that’s why I eat mine.

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