Sweatin’ Bullets: Oink

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/10/pig-thumb.jpgPeggy Archer paid a visit to the LA County Fair from some fried foods and pig races.

After debating whether or not to move to Iowa, Mayor Sam writes “LA quite frankly sucks”… and so he’s staying. That’s so L.A.

After criticizing MoveOn for their Petraeus/Betray Us blunder and efforts to squealch free speech on CafePress, one time MoveOn supporter Ed Padgett gets a kudo by neo-con blogger Michelle Malkin.

LA Times’ USC blogger Adam Rose discovers that on campus parking meters cost 700% more than off campus, city meters 100 yards away.

Antonio Banderas wants you to – how do you say? – Go Metro, to the Latino International Film Festival. Experience LA has the video.

Shane Nickerson bought an XBox 360, drove home, and left it in his backseat for a few hours. Guess what happened next?

The Militant Angeleno admits he’s a crack addict, and may have broken some mother’s back to feed the dragon.

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