More Halloween Decorations


Since frazgo mentioned it, I figured I’d put up these pics of some lawn decorations spotted yesterday in Huntington Park. That’s Park not Beach, which is really a major difference, but I prefer the park. Above you’ll see some monsters, vampires, and a well dressed tiger having a sumptuous drink made of 2 parts blood, 1 part wine. There’s a spit bucket on the table for the serious blood taster but this bunch seems to want to get their ghoulish buzz on, so it’s yet to be broken in. Good choice.

Two more pics after the jump.


Cuidado! El diablo de manos negras is behind this door!


Dude, yer dead, now keep your bony ass buried! Don’t you just hate it when the dead keep trying to come back into our world? They ought to build a gigantic ectoplasma border fence to keep these muertos out, I don’t want my taxes to fund the air they breathe!

5 thoughts on “More Halloween Decorations”

  1. HP!!!!!! Chuntington Park! That’s my area of the county!! About time it’s represented here. Did you to South Gate and snap some shots of the decorations there?

  2. Is that a Tiger? That would be a hilarious companion for some hell-dwellers… but it looks more like a warewolf to me.

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