Mark of the Arby’s is the Arby’s on Sunset Blvd. and Tamarind in Hollywood. I ride past it almost every day going to and coming home from work.

Every time I go by, I can’t help but wonder WTF is that weird triangle symbol on the front of the building? It seems vaguely (though improbably) occult in nature. Could it be the Scientologists? MindHead?

Holy crap, maybe it’s Skynet.

I’ve gone as far as asking the manager there, and even he doesn’t know. It seems that the true identity of whoever it is that’s doing their creepy symbolizing on my local roast-beefery is a mystery, and it runs deep.

If anyone out there can shed some light on the matter, I’d much appreciate it. The first person to come forward with the answer I’ll treat to a delicious Arby’s sandwich.* If no one knows the real answer I’ll accept made-up ones, too.

*Curly fries for our vegetarian friends!

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  1. It’s an interesting question. I was able to turn up that Arby’s is owned by “Triarc Companies,” which acquired “Triangle Industries” in the early 80s (and quite possibly Arby’s or a franchisee along with it). But I couldn’t find any instance of that symbol showing up in my little search.

    On another note, the toasted subs they’re selling are pretty tasty…particularly the italian one. I recommend it to the carnivores out there.

  2. It’s Triac’s corporate logo, yes.

    I agree, though, that it’s weird and quasi-scary. Scientology! ha! sort of looks that way, doesn’t it?

    also sort of reminds me of a symbol or design in an episode of Star Trek (the original) … the one where Kirk and Spock were slaves with these pain-inducers strapped to their necks, forced to do battle in an arena with other slaves.

  3. Cutter, do you REALLY want to know? As for me… I prefer not to find out the answer and just assume a creepy cult is funding their activities through the magic of roast beef and curly fries.
    Kool-aid anyone?

  4. Solved!
    It is not Triac’s logo. I emailed arby’s corporate about this last night, here’s the response i got:

    “Dear Ben,

    I am the proprietor of the Arby’s with the red triangle on the front. It has absolutely no religious or political significance. Some years ago when I remodeled the store, Arby’s the franchisor was doing the same thing, and also building new stores. Their new stores had a triangular shaped peaked roof in the front. I thought at first I could incorporate that concept in my store, but Arby’s had no plans to guide me at that time. So I figured, maybe, I might put promotional photos in the spaces, but that did not work out, so you might say, it’s just “there.” Thanks for inquiring. To repay your curiosity, please print this e-mail and bring it to the store. The manager will be happy to provide you with a free menu sandwich of your choice, and free beverage. Thanks for being a loyal Arby’s customer.

    Mike Leviton, owner”

  5. Looks like I’m off the hook for lunch. That’s pretty cool of them to do that for you.

    I’ve never really had anything other than just the plain old roast beef sandwiches, but everyone i know who’s been there says the Market ones are actually very good. I’m gonna try one soon.

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