ICME – where is frazgo?

10%201%2007004.jpg I spotted this nifty little mosaic behind ropes presumably to prevent it from being worn down more than it has been so far. It’s in the foyer at MHS. This sort of mosaic work was common in the 1930’s and many have disappeared as they wore down rather than being preserved. God is in the details, keeping them looking nice is someone elses devil. Where is your favorite mosaic?

4 thoughts on “ICME – where is frazgo?”

  1. My fave’s at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. I think it’s called the “Liberty” mosaic and it’s like 150 feet long, consisting of millions of glass tiles.

  2. Julia you crack me up. Actually there are some really cool old etruscan and roman mosaics at the Getty Villa in Malibu which is me and my 10 year olds favorite place to just hang out.

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