Happy October 1, 31 more til Halloween!

halloweenpt1.jpg It’s time to drag out the spooky stuff and get ready for the big day at the end of the month. Yup, trick or treat time. It’s just about my most favorite holiday around. It was fun as a kid, awesome in college (my alma mater was the state party school so we did it right). My first Halloween here was a let down until my co-workers convinced me to do Weho with them. OMG…another story though.

What’s your neighborhood like in terms of decorating? SoSDoD or is there someone who really goes over the top? Where’s your favorite place to see Halloween decorations?

Better, where is your favorite place for trick or treating? Favorite method? First round of trick or treating here is for the elementary school kids who visit all the shops on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town Monrovia. In my ‘hood the Dad’s take the kidlets about with their goodie ‘punkin, us in costume with a shot glass. (Did I tell you I live on a fun street?).

My neighbor Shane has to start early (like yesterday afternoon) to get all his stuff up in time for the judging in the city run contest. Shane will keep adding bits and buying more to make sure he’s the best. Every year it is a bit more grandios. I can’t wait to see what this year holds in store. I’ll update you on his progress as the month goes by. It could take another 2 weeks before he is done, I’ll show some restraint with the updates. (pic by me, get’s bigger if you rub it with your mouse a bit and toss in a magic spell for good measure).
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Monrovia Park’s and Recreation has a contest every year for the best done houses in town to get all the fall festivities started. For you Monrovian’s interested contest applications should ready at the Monrovia Community Center, Monrovia Public Library, City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce. Winning homes will be recognized at the City Council meeting and a map of all entries will be available for those who wish to take a self-guided tour. More info on the city web page city web page.

For those of you not living here and just want a break and check it out see the city web page city web page for the details as well.

Feel free to tag on with your favorite neighborhood for the sights and frights. Who has the best tricks and treats. Send me a pic of the best house in your ‘hood with a little note regarding permissive use here and I’ll toss it up if it is really cool. Let’s face in the land of make believe can there really be any other holiday better suited to us?

12 thoughts on “Happy October 1, 31 more til Halloween!”

  1. I like the decorations along 4th Street between Highland and Windsor Square – it’s a rich neighborhood and a lot of the houses are not decorated, but the ones that are really go all out. I love to drive through the lower portion of Windsor Square, below Wilshire (which may not actually be called Windsor Square). Decorations galore plus you can smell real wood burning fires. No ideas about trick or treating as I just have a one year old – but I’ll be filing away any suggestions I find here.

  2. This’ll be the third Halloween that I’ve gone to some lengths dressing up the front of the house. Last year we augmented the spookiness with the late-inning addition of a fog machine and screamy-soundtrack. This year I’m hoping to get motivated earlier and take things to a new level.

    Flickr set from last year:

  3. You are technically correct if you don’t include today, which I wrote this we still had to get through the day.

    Going as a hipster is interesting. How would I do that?

  4. Not too many decorations — we carve a few pumpkins and put orange candles out on the porch railing. Mostly l like handing out candy to the kids. There are enough in my hood to make it fun. I love the little superheroes and princesses. Oh but the parents hate me because I buy WAY TOO MUCH CANDY and hand out big handfuls.

  5. I hear East Hollywood is having its neighborhood council elections on the 30th at Barnsdall Art Park and they will have all kinds of booths offering services to the community and they will give out candy to early trick or treaters.

  6. Thx for reminding me Julia. For the kid on my street I get them lunch bags of goodies…full size candy bars, gum, candy, tricks like fangs or claws. The kids off the street get the cheap crap from Costco that comes in 500 pieces for 6 bucks. They get a handful as even they deserve to be sugared up, just my homies get the really good stuff.

  7. I like the original lawn decorations made by people with limited means, usually much more creative and interesting. I did a lil’ tour of Lincoln Heights halloween decorations in 2005 and 2006. Enjoy!

  8. Thanks El Chavo, I tend to fall into the homemade category. Mostly because I have creative energy to burn, partly because I’m so weird you can’t get what I want on the open market. Your links are awesome btw.

  9. Hollywood Jedi: That’s a load of crap. Everybody knows neighborhood councils are for cranky old people.

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