Swerve Fest: (Not Quite As) Live from the Field, Pt. 3

Splashpg-V2We wrapped up yesterday’s Swervesperience with the screening of Australian filmmaker Mike Hill’s The Man Who Souled the World. Souled is the story of skatebaord wacko and local son Steve Rocco, and documents the huge impact he and his company World Industries made as the world of skateboarding transitioned from one of dominance on the ramp to dominance on the rail. It’s a great story, but unfortunately I think if you don’t already know who some of the key players are in the Rocco drama, you might be a little lost at points. But for anybody that was remotely connected to the world of skateboarding at that time, this is a huge bowl of nostalgia soup served with a side of “Damn, I wish I was a teenager again.” It’s also chock full of vintage footage of kids tearing it up all over spots like Venice Beach. Taken in order with Dogtown and Z-Boys and Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator, Souled sort of completes an unintended trilogy that tells the story of skateboarding from is birth to almost the present day. If you weren’t able to catch the film at Swerve, it opens at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 and Laemmle’s Monica 4-Plex on Friday, October 5th, or get more info at the official site.

As for the rest of the fest, I was hoping to make it back to Barnsdall this afternoon but it’s not going to happen. Which is unfortunate because basically everybody I know is going to see DeVotchKa. We will, however, be in line early for the gala screening of Anton Corbijn’s Joy Division biopic Control, and probably checking out some of the awards show (with Jason Lee, featured extensively in Souled) following. And if my tired old bones don’t give out by 10:00, maybe even a bit of We Are Scientists.