Sunday Snapshot: There’s No Place Like Dome

If you’ve seen the ones in Rome or Paris you might be able to pardon me for long refering to this stately structure as L.A.’s Pantheon, even if it is actually just the Second Church of Christ Scientist north of USC on Adams east of Hoover.

Just nothing: it’s an awesome piece of architecture. And having marveled at its impressiveness from a distance for years, I finally pedaled by for a couple quick snaps, later learning from the excellent entry on the Big Orange Landmarks blog that the church took 2.5 years to build and opened for services in 1910 and at that time was the largest church west of Chicago. The copper-topped dome reaches a height of 130 feet, is 70 feet in diameter and weighs 1,400 tons.

One more pic after the jump and plenty more over on Big Orange Landmarks.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: There’s No Place Like Dome”

  1. Quite true there MA. There was a time when the whole area was nice middle class homes and apartments. My father-in-law grew up on Harvard very near there and has some really cool pics of it. All nice and tidy, groomed lawns the whole Rockwell scene in real life. The last time he went by his childhood home in the mid-90’s it was so run down he never went back to see it.

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