Jane Goodall at Roots & Shoots Peace Day

Last Sunday I went to Griffith Park for Peace Day, as mentioned here. In the midst of all the Swerve posts, I thought I’d post my photos from something different.

(Humans included for scale. I am about 5’5 and had to duck to enter the tent.)

Dr. Goodall was truly lovely, by the way. She walked through swarms of people who wanted their picture taken with her, visited the tent pictured above, which is either a tent she lived in or one just like it, and then went up the hill to lead the Dove Parade. After the parade she spoke from the stage about Roots & Shoots, the United Nations, and her hope for the future. She spoke of living in harmony with the natural world, and illustrated her points with stories of interactions with chimpanzees and humans alike. She is a rare human, beautiful on the outside and within and full of poise and grace the like of which is not seen frequently. It does not hurt that she has a lovely accent, too.

Photos of a display inside the tent, a 20-foot dove, and Dr. Goodall herself behind the cut.

Dr. Goodall’s equipment on display inside the tent:

A peace dove with a 20 foot wingspan:

Dr. Jane Goodall, who I do not think usually has her eyes closed: