Sawpit Trail update

September 27, 2007 at 8:50 am in East Side, LA, Law

09%2027%2007004.jpg I wrote about Sawpit Trail here a while back and it’s time for an update. Short of it is that the property owner refused to discuss allowing the community access to the Sawpit Trails. The city of Monrovia was left with no choice but to litigate the matter. The announcement was in these weeks Monrovia City Manager Report.
Details of the CM’s report after the jump:

Sawpit Wash Trail Update
This week, the City Attorney’s office filed a Quiet Title Action in Superior Court regarding the public’suse of the Sawpit Wash Trail. Over the last few months, the owner of the underlying property that the trails run across rejected the City’s offers and incentives to resolve this matter amicably. At the same time, the City Attorney compiled declarations and testimonials from members of the public who have used the trail for many, many years. We are hoping to have this matter resolved sooner than later with a solid ruling in the community’s favor.”

As this winds its way through the court system I will keep you updated.

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