Hey Little Birdie can you sing for me?

DSCF0426.JPG Thanks to my neighbor Shane who works from a home office he was able to snap a quick picture of these two little birds that have taken over the tree next to his office window. The pics are by him taken from his office window. I used with permission.

We don’t know what they are. They arrived in the last week or so. Their arrival also coincided with the departure of the hawks that were nesting here and the return of the feral parrots.

What kind of bird are they? I don’t know. The best Shane and I can guess is that they are some sort of parakeet as they are close in size and general build. The brilliant yellow is throwing us off as to the exact bird. The bright red beak on one may signify the difference between male/female. Just a guess again.

Our last bit of conjecture is that they must be pets that escaped as they have no fear of people and keeping flying in closer to have a better look at us. The also chirp out little songlets so maybe it is a pet songbird on the loose?

2 thoughts on “Hey Little Birdie can you sing for me?”

  1. Hmm… doesn’t look like a lorikeet; seems to be some parrotlet or small breed of parrot though; found this website that lists parrots that have been observed in the wild in California:


    closest match would seem to be Yellow-chevroned Parakeet, but it lacks the hood that these little guys seem to have. Might be more helpful of a guide to you since you can see them up close.

    Let us know if you correctly ID them though! I’m constantly fascinated by the wild parrots in california…

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