From abLA :: Aaron Rose Interview by Mike Kelley


I first got wind the Swerve, a three-day festival of film screenings, music, art and related activities, about a month ago when I noticed the postcards in the neighborhood shops. The point of view and style of the collateral had sense of familiarity. Then I noticed the extremely impressive visual art lineup and the fact that there was finally an event on the eastside that reflected the creative spirit of the community and I got excited. Add to that the fact someone is finally using the entire Barnsdall facility to its potential and, well, it would be a stretch to say I went into convulsions but a friend did ask about the foam coming out of the corners of my mouth.

How did this event suddenly materialize right under my nose? The whole thing started to make more sense when I learned Jonathan Wells organized the event and enlisted Aaron Rose to curate the art component. Among their individual endeavors, Well’s is responsible for the Resfest and Res Magazine and Rose is the former owner of the Alleged Gallery and more recently curator of the acclaimed Beautiful Losers exhibition.

You really don’t need to know anymore than that to know this event is legit, but to get some info on the particulars I went straight to the horse’s mouth and asked Aaron Rose about Swerve and he generously agreed to answer a few questions…interview on