Bukowski’s Bungalow Saved (For Now)

logo.jpgThe good folks at Esotouric have been keeping their fans up to date with the posthumous saga of L.A.’s most beloved dirty old man, Charles Bukowski. The bungalow where he used to live and write, at 5124 De Longpre in East Hollywood, was recently vacated. It was immediately advertised as a $1.3MM “vacant lot” on Craigslist. But not willing to let this go without a fight, the Bukowski Preservationists have taken up the cause, campaigning to have the bungalow saved as a historical/cultural site.

And late last week, they achieved the first round of success at City Hall. Thanks to Lauren Everett’s application and speaking, the Cultural Heritage Commission at City Hall agreed to consider making the buildings at 5124 De Longpre Avenue a historic-cultural monument. That means that no demolition can take place for the time being.

What to do with an old bungalow in Hollywood? The Bukowski preservation faction suggest that it become a blue-collar writers’ colony, where people like Bukowski, who have been working at blue collar jobs to pay the rent, can stay at low or no cost while they work on their writing. It will also be a place to display art of all kinds – readings, screenings, exhibitions. The details are the 5124 De Longpre Initiative Site.

7 thoughts on “Bukowski’s Bungalow Saved (For Now)”

  1. One might also note that this is but one of the many places Buk – er- hung his hat*. If it’s a shithole and it got bought by someone to maybe make it less of a shithole, well, where’s the harm in that?

    *And by “hung his hat” I of course mean passed out/woke up in vomit.

  2. I have no ability to understand the interest in preserving this residence. How does its continued existence advance the public understanding of Buk’s life or work?

  3. As avid reader of Buk back in the day, I always bought into that crap when he said he was going to die at age 80, which wouldda been the year 2000. He was dialed into so much, I truly believed him. Sadly, he passed away at age 73. I never forgave the bastard for that. Tear that fucking place down.

  4. I like the idea of a miniature writers’ colony, as outlined by the preservationists. Also, we have so few literary history houses in L.A., isn’t it about time we saved at least one?

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with saving a place that can really add to LA’s literary history, I just don’t see this bungalow as the place. As to setting up a writer’s colony, that’s a great idea, but that’s an idea that needs funding and an organization much more than it needs to be tied to a particular building.

  6. Coffee Burt is a ‘tard. nothing like holding his OWN DEATH against a man. go back to watching Real World.

  7. Why yes Chapstick, I am a tard. Don’t take my words here seriously. I don’t. Nor do I watch TV.

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