Careful in the Rain

When I left LA two and a half weeks ago, it was H O T. Washington DC was no picnic either, plus a 1000% humidity. (ugh.) But I got home this week and there was that beautiful chill in the air and the promise of rain. I was with Tammara on the whole “Where’s my rain?” thing. And finally we got it good last night.

I was at a movie* with my husband and when we dashed back to the parking lot, the warning signs were finally appropos. The standard caution sign (shown here) was fine, but dull. Almost not worth paying attnetion to, especially in LA this year. But nearby, there was another variety of caution sign that completely upstaged this one.

And when I say upstaged, I mean UPSTAGED! Follow me…


JAZZ HANDS! That is some serious Fosse Safety.

I love safety graphics in general. I started a Flickr set — see them here — and I’ll be adding to them. The graphics are so graphically graphic! Heads smushed, hands mangled, large loads dropped from above. Awesome.

*The movie we saw was In the Shadow of the Moon and I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the space program and the Apollo missions. I love it and was blessed with free time to explore all kinds of flight related stuff in DC.

4 thoughts on “Careful in the Rain”

  1. Nice flickr group. Nice post, certainly beats the usual “driving in rain tips” we get in the media. (Of course we all know you speed up when it rains so you can get to where you need to be faster and not have to drive in the wet as long mentality).

  2. “Some serious Fossey Safety.” Brilliant!
    Were he still alive I am sure he would appreciate the phrase.

    I have long appreciated the safety signs, too, having been a towmotor pilot/mack truck driver many years ago. I usta collect the decals and placards, but I no longer have them.

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