A Lesson in Proof Reading

furiture sale

Spotted this hand-lettered masterpiece today on a telephone pole smack in front of Silver Lake nosh fave Millie’s. I wonder if people who go to this sale looking to score a deal on furiture are disappointed to find they’re only selling chairs and end tables.

p.s.: Hey, Millie’s. It’s 2007 and three quarters. Isn’t it about time you get a website of your very own?
p.p.s: While you’re at it, hire another server because scheduling only two for the morning rush just isn’t cutting it.
p.p.p.s.: Your biscuits and gravy are highly overrated.

9 thoughts on “A Lesson in Proof Reading”

  1. Yeah Spencer….and if you have so many bad things to say about “Furiture Sales”….hmmm….It all all sounded better in thought form….

  2. Funny. We were at Millies for brunch today. The banana walnut pancakes rock. But I agree their biscuits are overrated, and who ever heard of biscuits and herb gravy? Puh-lease.

  3. If you have so many bad things to day about Millies, why do you go there?

    So I can write about it on the internet as part of a grand experiment I’m conducting to observe the reactions of people with no sense of humour?

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