I’ve Been Stood Up!!!

Hmm. Either I have a realllllly boring life, or LA has boring weather. For days now, the weather forecast has been promising rain. And I’ve been anticipating it like a child waiting for a new toy under the Christmas tree. The prospect of rain has me ridiculously excited.

Last night I went to bed, happy there was a chilly bite in the air and I swear I could’ve smelt the rain on the horizon, but as I gazed up at the moon, the sky was clear. No matter. I knew I would wake up to rain and all my plants and the trees would be singing with joy after 153 days without rain! I pulled the shade this morning to see…. crazy, bright sunlight!

I keep waiting but the rain doesn’t come. All the weather web-sites and local forecasts said it would be here by this morning and as the day progresses, we would get more and more drenched. But now I’m losing faith. The sky is brilliant blue, a couple of lazy clouds in the distance, but they don’t look stormy at all.

I want my new toy dammit!!! Please rain…. come for a visit.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Been Stood Up!!!”

  1. you’re not alone! dammit!

    there are storm clouds brewin over the ocean though, i hope they hurry up!

  2. lol…you took Will’s dibs on storm watch duty. Last I saw its raining in Ventura, 70% for tonight and tomorrow. I hope its done earlier as tomorrow am is our scheduled trip to CA Adventure and dinner at Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in DTD.

  3. Actually, by yesterday most forecasters were saying that the L.A. basin wouldn’t see rain until this afternoon/evening. It’s only SB/Ventura counties which were supposed to have rain by this a.m.

  4. Weather.com’s radar maps-in-motion page shows rain over the ocean and between San Bernadino and Needles. Better not rain for Air at the Greek this evening though.

  5. What a minute!!! I dance around all the time…. hey!
    that might be what’s scaring the rain away!!!!!

  6. Apparently there’s rain over Malibu now (as of 4:30), but dude, I’ve been waiting for the rain too. I hate it when they promise rain and promise rain and promise rain……then I miss it.

  7. yay!!!! The wild crazy naked rain dance worked!!!!!!
    Thanks for the update Wil, it has yet to hit Hollywood at 5:40

  8. “In the Los Angeles basin, the possibility of rain is ignored until the rain falls. Since it hardly ever rains, ignorance has prevailed as climate.” -D J Waldie in _Holy Land_

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