Catching Cinematic Orchestra at the El Rey

I like to think I get out a lot, both because I do actually go out a lot and because my work takes me all over the place, giving me the gift of discovering new things. So it’s always cool when I go someplace, or do something that makes me really appreciate this city.

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of going to see The Cinematic Orchestra at the El Rey. The band and their music totally blew me away. I’ve always liked them, but seeing them live was just plain awesome.

As an extra perk, being in the El Rey was a great experience. I’d been there before, I’ve even shot different music videos there. But I had forgotten what a great place it is, simply from a stylistic point of view. From the massive glowing chandeliers to the Art Deco sconces and architecture, it’s a bomb to soak up good music in.

Cinematic Orchestra rocked. Their music is hard to describe… dreamy, trippy, amazing vocals, cool beats… takes you on a beautiful journey. Definately worth checking out.