Reuters is reporting a study that says traffic in LA is the worst and we spend an average of 72 hours a year sitting in traffic. I don’t wanna be a dick or anything but I think anyone who has spent a minute or two driving on the 405 can tell you…”duh.” The study says that people (like my boss) should let me work more flexible hours and move my office closer to my house so I can walk there.

I think their conclusions are totally right and my boss should do those things. I also think a monkey could’ve told them that LA traffic was baaad. Other cities that win the bad traffic award but come in below us include our bitter Northern neighbor San Francisco, Washington DC and Atlanta. Where do you think the worst traffic in the city is? The worst intersection?

4 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! TRAFFIC IS BAD!”

  1. I tend to agree with you there benjamin. Flex time is good. Telecommuting is another good one. Works pretty well with anything that that doesn’t involve meeting directly with customers.

    The problem that a lot of employers have is monitoring work, work flow and safety issues as they still have to deal with the work comp side. Flex hours tend to be a good idea and workable unless you have published hours of availability fo the customer that need to be adhered too. (I managed this sort of stuff in a prior life so I do know the issues quite well). Npothing insurmountable but a lot of employers save that as a perk for only a few select star employees.

    Getting as many off the road as possible with creative hours and work locations will help a lot of our problems. Giving us a workable and affordable mass transit is the bigger one.

  2. we spend an average of 72 hours a year sitting in traffic

    That’s ALL?

    I’m surprised that number isn’t much higher. Worst in-city traffic, IMHO, is on the 405 south from the Cahuenga Pass down into Inglewood. But the 101 East through the San Fernando Valley between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 is right up there. In fact, I’ve almost lost my mind during 1.5 hour commutes on that stretch–trying to get from Canoga Park to NoHo.

    My current employer lets me come in at 10 and leave at 7, which helps A LOT.

  3. the 405 south from the Cahuenga Pass

    Well, if you’re going through the Cahuenga Pass to get to the 405, I can see where traffic would be a problem. :-)

    Perhaps you meant the Sepulveda pass? :-)

    And getting from Canoga Park to Noho at rush hour shouldn’t take anything like an hour and a half (though if you take the 101 East I suppose it might.)

    Really, there are much better ways to do that, and none of them involve driving 101 during rush hour.

  4. You’re right, mapnerd. I think I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet.

    And I also know about the non-freeway routes thru the Valley.

    Believe me, I’ve HAD to learn, lest I go completely batshit crazy.

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