Thar she blows! Highland Hydrant Party!

If you were driving your car down Highland near Santa Monica Blvd earlier today (maybe about the time I was going to lunch) you might’ve seen some sick waterworks. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but some moron in an SUV managed to smash over a fire hydrant, causing a giant geyser of water to erupt over Hollywood.

It was a pretty amazing sight. What was even more amazing is that not only did firefighters get it all knocked down and under control right quick, but by the time I walked back from lunch there was a brand new fire hydrant all fitted and ready to go! Way to go city. I’m impressed! (more close-up-style pics after the juuuump.)

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6 thoughts on “Thar she blows! Highland Hydrant Party!”

  1. Nice pic. So where’s the picture of the brain dead perp that knocked it over, those are usually more priceless.

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