Sweatin’ Bullets needs your help!

Due to a combination of work, side projects, and an effort to have some end of summer fun, this occasionally column called Sweatin’ Bullets has been neglected beyond repair. Most of all, I’m so behind on keeping up the LA-blogosphere that my RSS reader is useless.

What does this mean?

Well, not much… except that instead of trying to play catch up I’m starting from scratch. And I need your help.

I you’ve written or read any blog entries that deserve calling out here on blogging.la, know any bloggers who have made some recent accomplishments, or know of any new local blogs, please drop me a note in the comments or via email: [email protected]

(and to clarify, Sweatin’ Bullets is my occasional column wherein I call out a half dozen blog entries that deserve a read for one reason or another).

One thought on “Sweatin’ Bullets needs your help!”

  1. Well then is this an open season on tossing out the interesting stuff in the sgv my rss shat out while I was away?

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