Hauling away another orange ball

[click to see the old gal resting in the truck]

But there’s some GOOD news too – they replaced it with … Another Ball!

Sure, it’s got the crummy new colors, but it’s A BALL, not one of those hideous FLAPJACKS I’ve seen replacing all the 76 balls everywhere else.

This gas station is in Atwater, on Glendale Blvd. and has wildly fluctuating prices, but if you catch them at a good moment, go show them some support.

Long Live The Ball!

3 thoughts on “Hauling away another orange ball”

  1. that gas station also features this crazy dude who throws water on the pumps to keep the immigrants away and then insists that you need to give him a ride so he can see some band at the hollywood bowl in 3 days. gooooood times.

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