Happy Unmarried and Single Americans Week!

Who knew there was such a thing as Unmarried and Single Americans Week? (The Census Bureau clued me in). And as if in celebration, Forbes has just declared our fine city number three in the rankings of Best Cities for Singles. We lost the crown to San Francisco and NYC came in second, but we did manage to edge out the Big Apple in terms of cultural weight (we’re #2; they’re #3–hee hee). I admit I’m skeptical of Forbes’ methodology given the fact that we ranked lower than San Francisco in the “cost of living alone” category (24 versus 20). Be that as it may, I’ll concur: I’m far happier as a single in LA than I was as a married in Madison. But that’s a whole nother story as they say.

How to celebrate such an auspicious week? Well, my boyfriend and I wondered the same thing, and we concluded that the best we can do is to stay happily unmarried. If you’re single and looking, or at least looking to celebrate your stringlessness, I suggest taking out an ad on Craigslist, particularly if you’re a straight woman. The gender ratio makes it a ridiculously ego-inflating experience. You can go out to dinner with a different guy every night for the next two weeks, and if nothing else, have a dozen good stories to tell at the end of the experiment. Forbes may be calling George Clooney and Cameron Diaz the city’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette, but I can guarantee you they’re not the most interesting.

(Hat tip to About.com for the Forbes link)

6 thoughts on “Happy Unmarried and Single Americans Week!”

  1. I love craigslist for the “best of” as it has the most friggen hilarious recaps of using it as a dating service. It’s too funny and makes me so glad I am out of the dating scene some 18+ years.

    I actually use bits of it to have talks with my 16yo daughter on the topic of dating pitfalls. Gawd will I survive her dating is the bigger question.

  2. Good to know, good to know. Thanks for sharing! Though I think we should have beat out San Francisco. And quite interesting that we beat the big apple in terms of cultural weight. whoda thunk?

  3. Even though SF’s housing is higher, they’re factoring the cost-of-living index with the starting salary of the area, and SF’s starting salaries are higher.

  4. Fraz,

    I used to be the resident expert in Craigslist dating. I have stories… oh do I have stories. But then I found my boyfriend there (really), and I had to retire from the rolls. I actually had a blast dating online, but you have to regard like an anthropological experiment, not a serious venture.

  5. Kint, I figured they had factored in starting salary, but it still seemed off. Here’s what Forbes says: “Our proprietary Cost of Living Alone index is determined by the average cost of a metro area’s apartment rent, a Pizza Hut pizza, a movie ticket and a six-pack of Heineken. Additionally, we factored in entry-level salary data.” Funny.

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