CBS’s New Inanity Set In Pasadena

big_bang_theory.jpgI am marrying a nerd. Not a geek, a nerd. There’s a difference. So when the billboards for CBS’s new filler sitcom, the “Big Bang Theory” started appearing around L.A., I noticed. And was vaguely curious – does CBS seriously think that everyone watching TV today is too young to remember the original “Revenge of the Nerds”?

CBS was also smart enough to push the show through TiVO in a desperate attempt to create early loyalty, so I was able to watch the pilot. And I sincerely hope that CBS just pulls it now and sinks all their billboard and production money into, say, Jericho, because this show really is a piece of crap. Two ridiculous TV nerds get a hot female neighbor – but with added bonus Los Angeles area cliches! The neighbor is a waitress who wants to be an actress. She’s even written a screenplay about a girl who moves from Kansas to L.A. to become an actress…but has to work as a waitress until she makes it. And the nerds are some sort of quantum physicists, who are – wait, this is really original – socially awkward! They have trouble with women and non-nerds!

Anyways, the show is really terrible – even the nerd jokes are last year’s nerd jokes – but the punchline was when we realized that the nerds were driving around Pasadena. “Oh my gosh, honey,” I said. “CBS is stealing your life!” My fiance, who does work for a spinoff of CalTech, just chuckled and said, “Well, all TV nerds must work at either MIT or CalTech.” I guess there weren’t enough blondes in Boston to make a show set there credible. CBS really needed to mix in those bad L.A. cliches to make the show cohesive – and that is even sadder.

2 thoughts on “CBS’s New Inanity Set In Pasadena”

  1. Sometimes you just roll with it. Nerds rule so don’t be too rough on your techie guy, look what happened to Gates and Jobs. Not bad company.

    As far as CBS goes…its about making a buck and if bad stereotypes make it over substance in the return margin you know which one will survive. But then again that’s why I rarely watch TV let alone network stuff anymore.

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