Widespread Destruction: Part Two

The film shoot David mentioned in his Widespread Destruction on Hollywood Blvd! post is having its own effect on yours truly.

I’m almost moved. I’m really close. I’m supposed to be out on Saturday. Leaving The Neighborhood, as some of you may remember. I’m down to the wire, but I’ve got it all lined up and could get it all done if all the parking wasn’t completely blocked on my street from 7am to 10pm tomorrow. When I say completely blocked, I mean they-gonna-tow-yo-ass blocked.

Yeh gotta laugh, as lack of parking is why I’m moving in the first place. This better be a freaking great movie.

In related news, I realized a few days ago that I’ve actually lived in this neighborhood, specifically in this apartment building, longer than anywhere I’ve lived in my entire life. The closest I’ve come before was the place I lived when I started kindergarten, and that was a lOOOng time ago. No wonder I was all angsty about the move.

I’m gonna miss you, Hollywood, you Parkingless bastard.

I found out today (by asking the crew standing around) that today’s street closure was to film The Chosen One, with…Rob Schneider. Why I oughta….

Y’know, John Hancock filmed five, six blocks away, and they gave us lots of heads up, nice little “Was everything okay?” questionnaires, all for something that barely hit my radar. All The Chosen One did was post “Don’t you dare park here” signs, taking up all the parking for three blocks from folks who have a really hard time parking in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Widespread Destruction: Part Two”

  1. You sure its the same production? I’ve got in on good authority today was the last day of the shoot, and it appears as though all their trucks have moved…

    BTW, they’ll be back shooting on the 105 on Saturday!

  2. Pretty sure the sign in my lobby said, “John Hancock.” I’m a few blocks from The Boulevard, so it may be over over there. (And we won’t come home till it’s…I’m tired…geez…)

    It’s only for the day. The one damnably inconvenient day.

  3. In my ultra nomadic L.A. history I have the shame of naming Encino as the community in which I’ve lived longer than anywhere else in this town: six years. It was tough saying goodbye to that wonderful Burbank Boulevard one-bedroom with the 134 Freeway as my neighbor.

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