Looks like the igloo is toast

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Nothing lasts forever, right?

Guess not, especially here.

The igloo is gone now, and it looks like the fine folks at Silver Lake’s Design Hut are at it again —

(They’re not really called The Design Hut – that’s my name for them. They think their name is M & A Designs.)

Their website says the next project is

Opening October 12, 2007, an “extreme cantilever” built from aluminum and silicon tubing will hover over the courtyard of Materials & Applications (M&A) in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

But what’s out there today sure doesn’t look anything like their photo.

Materials & Applications
1619 Silver Lake Blvd.

5 thoughts on “Looks like the igloo is toast”

  1. My Fave Too, Will –

    Like a pointy, vicious vortex! Every time I drove by I wondered if I would get pulled into it —

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