Homeless archaeology

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/09/jackpotslot-thumb.jpgI took these two shots within 20 feet of each other just now on the L.A. River bike path.

1) – a trashpicked slot machine. Exactly the sort of mysterious thing you see stuffed into a homeless person’s possessions, just two seconds before you wonder, “WTF??? What would he want with that?”


2) – a spraycan message (after the jump). Perhaps it’s connected to (1). Perhaps it’s just a simple coincidence. In any case, someone’s pretty ticked off and wants his money.

So, armchair Indiana Joneses – are the two connected?


3 thoughts on “Homeless archaeology”

  1. Andy, the owner of the Ole River Bottom Shopping Cart Casino, has been welshing on payouts and the homeless gamblers are becoming upset.

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