Departing Earth and LA

Even though I’m in Washington DC, I had to follow up Mack’s entry from yesterday about LA from the air. I have been flying a lot recently and found myself glued to the windows looking down on the city I love. Departing LAX last Tuesday, I took photos as we ascended. (Marina Del Rey, where I spent most mornings for four years rowing my heart out for LMU Crew.)
Looking over the vast landscape that is LA only made me want to know her better. Seeing parks or schools or buildings I didn’t recognize was frustrating — where is that? How come I’ve never been there? How do I get there? How do I make my relationship with LA even sweeter?

I’m with you, Mack, I love LA from the air and love her even more on the ground.

(See more after the Jump. My photos are a bit more washed out, but when you click for bigger, there is more detail.)

There’s my house (west LA)!

LA and The Valley:

Silver Lake:

Rose Bowl:

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