Buried Treasure

With my recently acquired job taking me from Silver Lake to Westchester it is with this perhaps unworthy subject that I embark upon a new occasional filler series that I’m calling Things Of Interest That I Find While Biking To & From Work:


Today’s entry can be seen in Culver City eastbound on Playa east of Sepulveda Boulevard and at first glance the image of a dude with a shovel near some bags o’ cash seems rather incongruous until one realizes its proximity to Holy Cross Cemetery literally next door. Could this be some sort of sign that riches have been interred upon the hallowed grounds? Do further clues await within? Am I overreaching to make a connection between a spray tag and a graveyard?

I can dig that.

3 thoughts on “Buried Treasure”

  1. concept: 3/10 (image plays off proximity to cemetery. so modicum of thought went into this.)
    placement: 3/10 (full points if it had been done on the side of a mausoleum)
    technique: 0/10 (underspray. overspray. sloppy, ambiguous forms)
    visual appeal: 0/10 (no better than the shit-coloured wall it’s painted on)

    final score 6/40

    reviewer comments: bad art is bad art. thought the “shovel” was a parachute. the reason for using a stencil instead spraying a free-form piece is that one can quickly achieve a high level of detail. but there’s no detail here. so what’s the point or cutting a stencil?

    answer: there isn’t any point. i’ve a feeling it’s because stenciling is perceived as being an easy way for anyone to be an artist. ‘coz that banksy fella has a book at urban outfitters. right next to all that obey giant swag.

    i was at a shindig last night where i overheard one lad say to another, “so-and-so couldn’t make it tonight. she’s working on a project. she’s stenciling. she’s out stenciling. stencils.” buzzword abuse. so played out. i digress.

    anyways. this is amateurish on every level. and this person needs to either practice a lot more in the privacy of his or her home or find a new fucking hobby. because in a million years some alien archaeologists are going to stumble upon all this shitty street “art” and wonder why our public hieroglyphs are so much worse than the ones they thought us capable from their repeated viewings of Encino Man.

    anyways. just sick of all this shitty art around our fair city, man. ‘specially all the self-promoting shit that fails to strike a chord. doesn’t make you smile. or laugh. or think. or dream.

    for every abandoned gas station skullphone graces with his wonderful skeletal pegasus, he pastes his logo up a thousand other places. and sells his logo as a neon sign on his website.

    tired, tired, tired, tired, tired.

  2. Very well put Mmmmmmichael. In light of your critique I feel sorta bad giving this crap any play and will strive to do better (or at least stay away from stencils).

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