Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl

What?  Pizza with no eggs?

Continuing an unintentional series in which I see my favorite bands live for the first time.

Karl Hyde dances like a spaz, and it’s wonderful. He evokes an alternate universe where Ian Curtis did not do himself in, overcame his epilepsy and depression through liberal applications of E and stem cells from Thom Yorke, and learned how to smile.

Rick Smith looks to be fully recovered from being injured in a Greek terrorist anarchist riot.

Juanita/Kiteless is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, they didn’t play Dirty Epic. But if they had, I might have dissolved into a puddle of goo.

It’s a lovely venue, but I wish I’d seen them in an enclosed space. I want to be enveloped in their music, to have it bouncing from the walls behind and above me, to be immersed.

“Moaner” was apparently on the set-list, but they did not play it. It wasn’t because of the curfew, since the show ended by about 10:30. Too bad, since it would be the only other song besides “Born Slippy” that my companion would have recognized, what with 30 seconds of it being in the Batgirl motorcycle chase in Batman & Robin.

“Rez” is going back in right now as my ringtone.

Does the Bowl do pointless pizza tie-ins for every act?

Here are some videos and photos I found through an Underworld forum.

October can’t come soon enough.


Karl Hyde’s unstoppable flailing


“Beautiful Burnout”

Space Invaders and Pong on the video screen

Karl dedicating show closer “Jumbo” to a guy in “Lew-weezy-ana”

Karl repeatedly crying out “fan-TAS-tic!” all night long.


Seriously, what’s up with that pizza?

4 thoughts on “Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl”

  1. I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera when I saw that pizza sign. I’m glad you snapped it.

    I, too, was hoping for Dirty Epic. sigh. At least they played Cowgirl and Rez, though. It was a good show, but it really didn’t feel right to be able to hear them and not be able to properly dance to it all.

  2. I was there, too. That show was fan-TAS-tic! And, no one in my section had any trouble dancing.

    The thing I found interesting was that while the crowd definitely skewed younger than a typical Bowl show, many of the older ‘regulars’ were there, too. And they were dancing right along with the rest of us. Apparently, Underworld is transcendent.

    I thought Oakenfold was awesome, too.

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