Stealth Art

pegasus%20skeleton.JPGAt the corner of Eads and Riverside (where the 5 freeway and the LA River smoosh up against the backside of Elysian Park and are abutted by the northern end of Lincoln Heights), while on our inadvertent backroads journey into Downtown yesterday during that TFU* triathlon, my friend and I came upon this shuttered and fenced-off gas station, presumable a former Mobil station. Riffing on the Mobil logo–a pegasus leaping into flight–some artist has created a piece of street art that’s a commentary on the oil industry, a tweak to the nose of corporate branding, and a lovely, highly-detailed work of art unto itself.

I screeched the car to a halt, parked, and my girlfriend and I leapt out to try to find our way in through the chain-link fence–but the only way in appeared to be over. So I took these pictures through the fence. (Another one behind the jump.)

JESUS%20LOVES%20YOU%20LONG%20TIME.JPGAs always, click to embiggen.

When we finally arrived at the Brewery downtown, I saw these signs. I have no idea what they are for, but they make me absurdly happy.

Blogged to the smooth sounds of Earlimart‘s “Mentor Tormentor.”

*TFU= totally fucked up


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