Parking Turd of the Day


With all the ugly over priced lofts being built near the Gold Line station in Lincoln Heights, parking in that area is getting tight. (So much for lofties using public transport!) It doesn’t help when a thoughtless driver parks their car like this and takes up an extra space: they clearly could have moved up a bit to leave space for another auto.

More pics of this inconsiderate citizen after the jump.


Oh yeah, and another thing: If you’re gonna break all the windows of your car have the common courtesy to sweep up your mess, kids walk by here on their way to school. How rude!


C’mon man, this is just not right. You set your car on fire way too close to a building, there’s even singe marks on the wall. Back in my day, when people had some respect for others, we’d burn cars with at least 50 ft. of distance from any structure, minimum. Take some pride in your work.


Fellow Angelenos, we can do better! Get reacquainted with the old fashioned car torching values. And please, park right and clean up your mess!

15 thoughts on “Parking Turd of the Day”

  1. I care. It’s funny. This was pure parody. Sorry Dove but most of us check here just for that very topic. :P

  2. I saw this on my way home to the heights the other night. You should have left a youparklikeanasshole note on the windshield.

  3. “all the ugly over priced lofts being built near the Gold Line station in Lincoln Heights”
    … got that right too!

  4. They did this down the street from my old apartment, which is about a mile from where this car is. They even left the gas tank they used to douse the car.

    Very rude.

  5. Speaking of those places by the gold line station…has anyone else noticed that that senior housing building is a joke? Given all the resident traffic I’ve seen in and out of that building, it looks like a lot of people rustled around for a grandma or grandpa to put on the lease and get the sweet rent but that it’s not really senior housing at all and just your typical overcrowded apartment building for families.

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