From abLA :: The Great Picture by Kerry Kugelman


There’s an old bromide that every picture tells a story, but what about a picture that is literally three stories high by eleven stories long?

That’s the enormous, breathtaking scale of The Great Picture, the largest photograph ever made, on display at Art Center’s South Campus Wind Tunnel space through September 29. Produced by turning a decommissioned military jet hanger into a gigantic pinhole camera, the image would be overwhelming on scale alone. What makes this one of the visual wonders of the world, though, is the haunting, elegiac quality of the subject itself: the panorama of the empty Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, an austere landscape punctuated abruptly by the air traffic tower and other structures of the base…continue reading

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  1. I remember the airshows at El Toro, and I got to cover it (for a long-dead dotcom) when they flew the last squadron of Marine Corps training jets out of that joint some 10 years ago. Cool use of the hangars. It would have been fun just to stand in there during the exposure and watch the scene outside projected upside down in living color on the immense canvas.

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