Downtown News on Wikipedia on Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown News posted a piece today examining the Wikipedia entry for downtown L.A. that’s worth a look. I don’t know how accurate an interpretation this is, but the feeling I got from the article is that downtown’s Wikipedia presence (which they bizarrely fail to link to) doesn’t exactly have a high profile among downtown advocates. Which is interesting, because given that downtown L.A. is the third bloggiest ‘hood in the country you’d think there would be plenty of net savvy folks tripping all over themselves to paint an accurate picture of their beloved city center. Other than that, the piece is mostly the same old “be wary of Wikipedia” chestnut that you’ll find in most articles on Jimmy Wales baby, but I do think Downtown News deserves some props for what’s a pretty surprisingly forward thinking choice of topic for a community paper.

Addendum: As a fun aside, here are the Wikipedia pages for both Los Angeles Downtown News itself, and for Metroblogging.