OMFG I Hate Your Triathlon, Kaiser

Dar Kaiser Permanente,

NEXT time you have a triathlon that shuts down the greater part of LA’s central thoroughfares, howabout you get together with the Dept. of Public Works people or Caltrans or whoever manages street closures in LA, and try to find a way to make it possible for people to ACTUALLY GET WHERE THEY NEED TO GO?!

I’m really ticked off about this. My best girlfriend Normal & I went to breakfast on Melrose in WeHo & then wanted to (a) go to Wacko and (b) get back to the Brewery downtown. Simple enough. Except they had EVERY FUCKING STREET shut down. No amount of circuitous residential backways through Hollywood or Franklin Heights could get us where we needed to go. I almost ran out of gasoline idling in traffic.

Whoever organized the street closures is an asshat. They did it so poorly. The LA Marathon closes a lot of streets as well, but they plan it so people can get where they need to go. Not so with this one. We barely made it back to the Brewery–couldn’t even get close to Wacko–by taking all sorts of crazy hilly winding streets through the Franklin Heights area over to Hyperion, then Hyperion to Riverside to downtown. Hey, there IS some fabulous midcentury architecture in them thar hills. But it was totally fucked and took over an hour (about an hour and fifteen minutes, in fact) from M Cafe de Chaya in WeHo, to downtown. Someone really dropped the ball on this one, fucking up traffic throughout much of Hollywood, eastern West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake and Downtown. Nice work.

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5 thoughts on “OMFG I Hate Your Triathlon, Kaiser”

  1. I do agree:
    I love the idea of people being in shape and doing more exerzies in a day then I do in a month, but could you maybe let the rest of us know all the streets will be closed so maybe we can support these dedacated (nuts) competers insted of hating them for messing up our day?

  2. Preach it sista. That shite took 35 minutes to get 2 blocks aways because there were no signs, no way, and no how to get to frankin & whitley from highland & hollywood. the cop at one intersection clowned on me for being on the phone. hell, i was on with suicide prevention for jacking up my soothing sunday.

  3. You beat me to the rant, LM. The westside was all f**ed up. And boyfriend was “not in a waiting kind of mood today” which is to say, it was a little like Deathrace 2000. While Julia was calling suicide prevention, I was closing my eyes and bracing for impact.

  4. In a tiny bit of fairness, Dorit, they had closure signs on Venice all last week. Dunno about anywhere else, though.

  5. I think they had a sign Saturday on Sunset between Hillhurst and Vermont, but it was just a half piece of paper taped onto a small little a-frame traffic barricade on a sidewalk where it was easily missed and impossible to read if you didn’t want to steer you car into parked cars or traffic. I could sorta make out “closed” but there’s no way I could read the dates or details in the 14pt font they typed it in while driving.

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