First Friday Art Walk and Music in Claremont

Friday evening I ventured out to the nether regions of the 909 areas of the LA Metro area to partake in the Claremont First Friday Art Walk . If you are looking for a really nice stroll through a lively, creative energy packed community I’d suggest you add this to your activity list. This free event is brought to you by the Claremont Village Merchants and Claremont Chamber of Commerce with its stated purpose to bring Art to the community.

First Friday Art Walk is held as the name implies the first Friday of every month in the heart of Claremont from 5:30 – 8:30PM.

erin%20hunt.jpg Among the artists I met and got to chat with during my rounds was Erin Hunt. She’s a painter using acrylics who usually has a live painting demo going on during the art walk. She’s pretty much the abstractionist impressionist type artist. Her subject matter comes about from painting live at her church during sermons. Many of her paintings are sold at silent auctions to benefit her church, MOSAIC based in Chino, which in turn uses those funds to support charitable work around the world. (Photo by me with the trusty camera phone, get’s bigger if you really need it).

Art Walks come in all varieties. This one is different in that the art and music is done in an “open mike” forum. Good start, for an artist you do need to be “sponsored” or hosted by one of the merchants. This last event was a lighter Friday with 3 bands, 8 musicians and 20 artists set up in the “East and West Villages” of Claremont. More details after the jump.

Claremont is the home of the Claremont Colleges which adds to a really eclectic mix of people attending the Art Walk. This city is very pedestrian friendly so you wind up with a lot of people just strolling and bike riding around just enjoying the evening.

In front of the Tattle Tales was “Fred and Tom a fun duo playing some 60’s and 70’s pop and rock tunes.

Further down the street at the Claremont Community Center and Chamber of Commerce they featured the watercolors of “Lois” (no last name ala Madonna?) . I popped in for a quick shot of refreshments, glanced at her nice selection of watercolors and split on my whirlwind tour of the Art Walk.

Out in front was Bad Jack who bill themselves as the “Baddest Band” playing a variety of rock, some pirate themed stuff of course to support their all Pirate dress theme. Fun, yes. Pretty good and certainly drew a crowd and kept them well entertained. (You can reach them at dragonjam at aol dot com or by calling 909-986-7882).

I wish I could tell you who this band was that was located on a plaza on 2nd street but the crowd was too thick to get into and I was not about to disturb anyone enjoying their tunes. Very good band maybe next time around I can get some details to add here.

Getting there you have a couple of options, the biggy and the one I’d strongly suggest is the Metrolink . Metrolink drops you off in the heart of the Claremont Villages at their historic depot.

Traffic on the 210 blows on a good day, but if you must drive at least there is ample parking in a garage located at the corner of Indian Hill and First Street near the Train Station, as well as within the village itself. Google Map LINK HERE to find Claremont and help with driving directions.

The one thing I couldn’t get to and should have is the Packing House. It was a real fruit packing house from the farming days of the city that has been rehabbed into artists lofts, shops and stuff. They hosted some 9 artists that night which had I the time would have made a point of visiting it. Next time around I’ll do it.

Any artists or musicians in participating in the next Art Walk will need to be sponsored by a local merchant. There is no charge for you to show or play which a big advantage for any new artist is trying to be heard and seen. Contact Edward Fuller 909-626-6622 or write him at “thegiftofsong at aol dot com”. An alternative contact is the Art Loft 205 at 909-626-8760.

As a final note I do want to disclose that I was there that night as a displaying artist. I’m not a regular there or a member of the sponsoring group so doesn’t mistake this as some sort of self promotion.

All the pics are mine done with the trusty Che-ez…they are what they are, nothing bigger (or better) available.

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