Guess Where Los Angeles

Los Angeles from ?

Yesterday I was driving to work after meeting my mom for lunch and I spotted a location that I needed to shoot for a project I’m working on. I stopped and grabbed the shot, which required a short hike. I actually first stopped at a concert venue and asked for directions at the ticket window. Crazy enough, the girl in the booth asked “Are you eecue?” I guess she somehow recognized me from the internets. Anyhow, as pointed out in an early thread, this idea of “Guess Where LA” was stolen from the Guess Where LA flickr group which was stolen from the Guess Where NYC flickr group. If you guess where this photo was taken from you win an invisible and worthless prize…. actually there is no prize.

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  1. oh i know this one! my friend works at the amphitheatre and gave me the spiel. from my addled brain and the history page of the site– the theater was originally built in 1920 as the site for “the pilgrimage play” by the author. the land was eventually deeded to the county in 1941 and since the cross is a religious symbol, i think the small patch of land that the cross sits on is still privately held. i think.

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