Wee Little 4.7 Quake in Lake Elsinore / El Cerritos

Not enough to make the dog get up from her spot in front of the fan. But enough to make me go, “shit!” Thinking maybe this would mean more loss of power.

But as soon as the word escaped my mouth, the earthquake was over.

Anyone else feel it?

UPDATE: Wow, much bigger than I expected. There’ll be coverage on this. 4.7 in Lake Elsinore.


18 thoughts on “Wee Little 4.7 Quake in Lake Elsinore / El Cerritos”

  1. I’m either getting insensitive in my old age or I’ve developed an immunity to feeling anything less than a fiver. Reports of the last several shakers have all been news to me.

  2. Didn’t feel a thing in outer monrovia, but then again one that small some 40 miles away shouldn’t be noticed.

  3. It was very very subtle here in the West SF Valley. I thought for a second it might be a quake, but I shrugged it off.

  4. Felt it in Baldwin Vista. 3-4 seconds of rolling. I felt it in the house, but my wife was in the yard and didn’t feel it.

  5. In Redondo Beach, I felt a short shake, heard the crickety sounds of my old apartment building, and heard someone outside saying oh my god it is an earthquake. (south redondo, one block from the beach)

  6. I had just sat down from giving a Christian education lesson when I felt it in Azusa. I think everyone assumed it was a big truck passing by on Azusa Avenue.

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