Cemetery Screening: Baby Jane!


What more needs to be said?

This Saturday the Cinespia will be showing “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,” one of my all-time faves, and one that can only be wildly enhanced seeing it with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts in a Hollywood cemetery.

Bring blankets, drinks and picnic dinner for this special screening below (and above) the stars.

directed by robert aldrich
saturday september 1st
gates at 7:00 pm, film at 8:30 pm (new time)
hollywood forever cemetery
6000 santa monica boulevard at gower
no reservation necessary.
$10 donation tickets available at gate.
as a courtesy to other movie-goers: no tall chairs.

Their Myspace page for blogs, pictures and more info.
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TSA Freakout At LAX

B.LA buddy and BoingBoing-atrix Xeni Jardin got caught in a TSA psychofreakout at LAX today:

I walked from the arrival gate towards baggage claim, and when I was about halfway there, all of a sudden about a dozen or more TSA personnel and private security staff appeared, shouting STOP WHERE YOU ARE. FREEZE. DO NOT MOVE. Not just at me, but all of the travelers who happened to be wandering through the hallway at that moment.

Some of the TSA guards then backed up against walls in the hallway, and sort of barked at anyone who tried to move a few feet away from their “spot,” like towards chairs to sit down or whatever.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot, people? Code Chartreuse? No explanation? Sounds like we’re being turned into the United States of Cattle.

I flew out of Burbank earlier this week, and they would not let me take by still-sealed Starbucks Yogurt Parfait through security.

Then again, maybe I’m overreacting. Perhaps TSA was trying to save Xeni from a family-values Republican Senator in the bathroom.

What’s the good of overtime pay if I don’t get a check?

So today was our first “Buy Back Day.” To the uninitiated, a Buy Back day is an official, LAUSD-sanctioned overtime pay day. We all get together and have what amounts to school-wide team-building activities. IOW: Kill me, please.

Now, I am not one to complain about legitimate skill-building professional workshops. Forums on curriculum and lesson-planning, refresher courses on educational psychology, and all that I absolutely adore (…no, seriously).

These meetings feel more like those moments in movies when the bosses ask you, “Is this good for the company?” Yet another day when we teachers are told to raise test scores and keep a positive attitude, while at the same time being told insanely demoralizing tidbits from our superiors.

I can (normally) tolerate the motivational slogans and pump-me-up songs, which (if work-related, high jinks-laden comedies have taught me anything) I imagine take place in corporate America all the goddamn time.

But after a whole nine months of getting paid regularly, I thought I would share the fact that due to LAUSD’s completely stunning and cartoonish-jaw-drop-inducing ineptitude some teachers in LAUSD have still not received a paycheck SINCE JANUARY. I’ll let you mull that over for a bit.
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Class Action Lawsuit?

So I’m sitting here at my desk and my phone plays its “you have a text message” tune. Three times.

Not being a teenaged girl, you might imagine the number of text messages I get is pretty low, so this is unusual.

I look at the messages, and they are all from 90900, the Joke of the Day mobile phone service (jokemobi.com).

The first message gives me the PIN I will need to start the service, and the next two messages are a second invitation and the first joke.

I NEVER ASKED TO GET THIS and I din’t reply with the PIN number to start the service, but just to be safe I call AT&T and what do you know, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION they have enrolled me in this and already charged me $9.99.

How does it relate to LA? I’d love to know how many other people here have had this happen, and if any lawyers are interested in making these guys stop. I’m thinking class action lawsuits probably work that way (I could be wrong).

It’s not just them sending unsolicited invitations (which suck because I’m charged for text messages) – what totally freaks me out that they just signed me up and started charging me without my permission.

How many people are being charged by them (and maybe others like them) without their knowledge???

I sent a hostile email through the link on their website, and got this emailed response within a few minutes:

We, apologize for the misunderstanding.

Your cell number below will be removed from our service. Please allow 48 hours for the change to take effect.

Your cell account may have been charged our $9.99 monthly fee. If you reply to this email with a mailing address, we will send a refund.

Any lawyers out there who’d like to go after these creeps? It’s one thing to send one email looking for subscribers (annoying) and quite another to sign us up and begin billing without permission.


Just got email back from the FCC:

“Thank you for contacting the FCC. Certain critical information is required in order to process your complaint.
Please file your complaint on the FCC Form 1088.

See https://esupport.fcc.gov/form1088/consumer.do for filing online.”

At very least we should all go and file this form.

I was hoping a local attorney would read this and show some interest but so far no go – disappointing!

Super Duper UPDATE:

All of you looking for the class action lawsuit, the phone is (415) 434-9000 and the website is http://www.pearcelawoffices.com.

University bomb threats?

This morning, I opened my email to find this message from the Pepperdine Public Relations Office:

Subject: Possible Threat

You may have seen or heard this week that a number of colleges and universities across the country have received bomb threats via email, none of which have yet to be determined as credible. This morning, Seaver College also received an email bomb threat. While at this time there is no indication that this is a credible threat, we take any threat to the University community seriously. Law enforcement authorities have been alerted and we are taking appropriate steps to insure the safety of the Malibu campus.

As always, please be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious packages or persons to the department of Public Safety immediately at 310-506-4441.

Wondering if there were any threats made to any of the other local universities???

Bob Baker: This is Your Life!


One day soon we’ll all take turns patting ourselves on the back and gloating that we knew Charles Phoenix before anybody else did. L.A.’s hometown treasure – known as a “retro-historian” and famous for his irreverent and hilarious slideshow performances – has an amazing new show coming up that’s sure to amaze and amuse.

Bob Baker: This is Your Life is a “colorful tribute to the world’s greatest puppeteer…and puppet show extravaganza”. If you don’t know about the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, you’re missing out on one of L.A.’s greatest hidden treasures.

The show goes on Thursday through Sunday and should be amazing. I myself have attended a party/performance at the Baker and it’s truly mind-blowing. Add Charles Phoenix to the mix and, well, watch out world!

Get Tickets now!

Bob Baker Marionette Theater
1345 W. 1st St.
(at the bend where 2nd Street splits off under that overpass)
Los Angeles, 90026
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The McCourts Move On Up!


Normally a “top deck” kinda guy I had the rare pleasure and opportunity to experience last night’s 4-3 Dodger victory over the Washington Nationals from a field level seat thanks to my friend and IAAL‚Ä¢MAF co-founder Michael of Super Lucky Cat.

It’s nice down there. The chairs are downright spacious and comfy compared to the cramped quarters on gets up there in the stratosphere. And dangit if eleven rows in front of us weren’t owners Frank and Jamie McCourt playing host to Courtney Cox and David Arquette-Cox (sorry, the only not entirely crappy point-n-shoot shot I got of them was of the backs of their teensy heads in the ninth inning).
Friends be they? Maybe, but by the magic of Google it seems cordial business between the two parties might have been the order of the night in regards to last month’s sale of the architecturally significant Cox/Arquette beachfront Malibu mansion (listed at $33.5 million) to the McCourts.

The jump in stadium parking prices should cover that cash outlay. That and the $12 beers.

Lockheed Burbank to Japanese: This isn’t the aircraft plant you’re looking for

burbankcamo.jpgA blog called “GoodShit” has a great set of World War 2 era before and after photos of the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant that was camouflaged with netting and paint to appear like any other Burbank suburb from the air.

Lockheed was a huge military aircraft manufacturing center, as well as an active P-38 fighter base. At this facility they manufactured the famous Lockheed P-38 Lightening, the Lockheed Hudson bomber, Lodestar bomber and the P2V Lockheed Vega. A logical target for the enemy.

Two web readers at Think or Thwim, who picked up on the story, pipe in with the legend of Jack Warner erecting a sign to deter Japanese bombers from mistaking his studio for the now hidden war factory.

The result? A twenty-foot arrow pointing to Burbank, along with the words: LOCKHEED – THAT-A-WAY!

Surfas Chef Paradise…no kidding accurate naming too

surfasgoodies.jpg I finally made it down to Surfas Chef’s Paradise. “Chef’s Paradise” is a pretty good description and about as close to hobbyist orgasm I’ve had in a while*. It didn’t have the best selection I’ve ever seen, or the lowest prices. It is the best I’ve found in LA and is now on my list of favorite toy stores as the value was there. This gem in Culver City also has an online store which is easy to use, but no where near as much fun as shopping the real deal.

Walking in they have some nice details on the sidewalk. Kitchen tools were pressed into the wet concrete and as time passed, well those marks picked up a nice patina.

To get into the store you need to walk past their restaurant. Smelled wonderful and only made me want to shop more for toys to duplicate those smells at home. I didn’t stop in at SurfasCaf√© so I can’t give you any details on that.
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Little Delay on the Little Knittery

Just got this email about a delay in the opening of the Little Knittery:

Due to a couple of unforseen technical circumstances
which are too boring and yucky to mention here, the new location of
The Little Knittery will not open until Wednesday, September 5th.

Glad I didn’t head over there today as planned!

Better luck next week.

Women Vanish on the Silver Screen

Interesting article in the LA Times Calendar section today about the dearth of film roles for women. How TV is the new frontier for juicy female film roles and that movies are one male or kid blockbuster after another.

LA is chock full of immensely talented females… actresses, directors, writers… who are not working. As of 2002, only 4% of films released were directed by women. So what gives? Who goes to all those blockbusters that don’t feature women? Men. That’s who. And men with their dates. So how do we support one half the population and not fall into the ‘chick flick’ derision game?

May be as simple as opening up your wallet sisters. Cash is king. Use your voice and support films that feature your half of the gender. Work out a compromise with your partner to go to his violent action-themed movie one week and your relationship oriented comedy the next. I guess. I know I have to endure a lot of movies I cringe at to get to the ones I want to sit through. And almost always, my fabulous man ends up loving the movies I drag him to. And yes, occasionally I enjoy the ones he relishes.

What do you think sistahs? Is it possible to revive the lost half of our gender in the movies? Can we regain a voice in cinema?



I saw this big poster near the Lincoln Heights Post Office, with the enticingly red background and a full fist in the air above a black star and large type that simply reads FIGHT. Since I’m always partially interested in a good fight I had to get a closer look to read the details. Was it a local punk rock show? A Zapatista protest event? Maybe a stance against gentrification?

What do you think it might be? Take a moment to think about it before you click ahead for the grand reveal, if you guess right you’ll win an insignificant prize!
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Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine…little gem in Hollywood

8%2027%2007010.jpg Purely by accident today we came across Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine in Hollywood. We were going to go to one of the “100 Best” from the LAWeekly but as fortune would have it they were closed on Mondays. Do you think they could put that info in with the hours of operation? Better…I need to learn to call before just showing up.

My lunch partner and I weren’t too disappointed as next door was Anna’s. I’m telling you the wonderful odors coming out of that place were nice, spicey and with an “A” rating from the Health Dept in the window you knew that it was safe to enter. It is billed as Armenian and American cuisine, but it even has quite a bit of “mexican” on the menu. (pic is mine…from the che-ez, get’s bigger but not better).

The place is covered on the outside with vines and the smallish door opens into an even smaller waiting area where you get to order and then move out to the patio to wait for your goodies. The lobby will only handle 3 people in the line so don’t worry if you see a few people standing outside waiting to get in. The line isn’t long as Anna and the crew move you along very quickly.
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Reason for the noontime traffic jam on Riverside Dr

8%2027%2007001.jpg The little oddities that go on in the city are what make me smile. This crudpicker merrily shepherding his 3 shopping carts full of recyclables he gathered caused quite the little traffic jam just before noon today on Riverside Drive. It wasn’t because people were stopping to watch him. Bless his soul, oblivious to the traffic around him backing up and swerving to get around, he just mosied along in the right lane. Why he didn’t use the crosswalk remains to be answered. Whatever the case may be, no harm, no foul. I’ve seen him around before when I meet my pals at Astro or some other delux Silverlake establishment, just don’t know his story.